stewed apples
we will eat for breakfast
on a verandah
white breaks

glistening before stretching.

our best friend
seen in bright movie colours
as your mother
in multiple holiday destinations

and then to notice it.

sometimes i wish i wore a watch
to watch
how long it takes

to band aid the blisters
to stew the apples

which seemed to take the whole
broken between
being up palm trees
being in sci-fi scenes.

"that's quite unusual for you both
to be here "

to be here
stewing apples.

an added i
as a twin
with something

like morning
overdue yawning
take in

stew the apples
fall in love
with eggs in your eyes
be comforted by
red light
with tears in your eyes

don't fall for connotations

just enjoy
stewing the apples.