was on the brink
of starting
so hard
so hard

gladly took that morning walk
a silent reward
of you by my side
without wobbling wind

forced into a feeling
pouring from

surround myself
surround myself
surround myself

we were in paradise
preempted by burning
cut short by internalising
overcast resting

unemotionally ease in
to surreal surging

the food i will eat
getting familiar with
the sounds on the bedside table
understanding how
to walk into a feeling

tuck it into folders
for now
clarified comfort
impatient with contemplating


you in the kitchen
cutting his hair
to sweet baroque pianos
playing through stereos
paused patiently
a smoothly pending statue

cut to -
soft bursting swelling
cosied in red velvet
jewels and nothing
glistening distance passing
inside inside

over dramatic
in self

i have become
annoyance with nuance,
that infuriatingly indecisive street lamp

all that time in bedrooms must be worth something
hammering it out
with ability
i'll acknowledge that,
know that.

a day of sighing
when the sound of a car door closing
makes you feel like crying
when the sound
when the sound

i wanna feel good
i wanna be
a smooth melody
slipping inside